Where are we?

I can honestly say that I didn’t picture myself here 10 years ago. I guess we can all probably say that to some extent. If things had gone according to “my plan”, we would have two kids in elementary school by now, but our life has taken a different path. I can remember my husband … Continue reading Where are we?

Not Like The Others

Mike and I recently attended a parenting class through our physician’s office, which is a requirement of our adoption agency. Those enrolled in the class met in the lobby of the women and children’s section of our local hospital. As folks started to gather, it was quickly obvious that we didn’t appear to belong in … Continue reading Not Like The Others

Never Forget

Mike and I are wrapping up some last-minute items to get our profile book together. This is the book that potential birth moms will look at to decide if they would like us to raise their child. It’s a daunting task to try to put your life in a book! We’re hoping to show moms who … Continue reading Never Forget


Throughout the adoption process, you get asked a lot of questions by the adoption agency. Some are very personal and others are more financial based questions about your income, monthly bills and assets. One of the personal questions asked is, “How important is it that your child look like you?”. I guess they ask this for … Continue reading Choices

Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches each year, I’m reminded of the hurt I feel in my heart because I’m not a mom. When Mike and I got pregnant in 2010, my due date was around Mother’s Day and I remember thinking “How awesome is that!” What a great way to finally get to celebrate this one day … Continue reading Mother’s Day